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Leadership, Management & Team Performance

Fruitful Developments is a business that specialises in helping organisations develop their Leaders, Managers and Teams with a particular focus on performance.

The single biggest factor affecting organisational performance is behaviour. We at Fruitful are experts at partnering with you to identify objectives & outcomes, analyse situations, diagnose issues and identify solutions that will create high performing leaders and teams. It’s not just a one-hit workshop either – we can provide a framework of self-sustainable activity, measure progress and provide ongoing advice and support long after any intervention.

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Harnessing leadership
& teamwork to deliver exceptional performance

Who we are

George Blakeway

Tina Neville

Heidi Blakeway

Julio Arquimbau

British Gas
Wales Audit Office
Deutsche Bank

“George brings a refreshing perspective to team development – his down-to-earth and positive approach, combined with his sporting and commercial experience, means he quickly gains credibility and permission to challenge and has helped us reach some great outcomes. As a bonus – he is great fun to work with!”  

Hana Searson
Group Head of Leadership & Executive Development